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Pitch new trade projects or bring them to life. End-to-end management of contracts, facilities, trades and invoices. With tradeXpad as your trade finance application, nothing falls through the cracks.

Focus on what matters most

Manage everything from contracts to invoices.
Start, build and scale your business.
Never lose track of progress and deadlines.

Platform offering

Credit application

Create trade finance credit applications which are presented onto the tradeXpad marketplace.


Pitch new trade projects or bring them to life and connect everyone important within the supply chain.

Contract management

Organize and secure all your contracts with automated contract enforcement and resolution mechanisms powered by smart contracts.

Facility management

Clear insight into your facilities and powerful control of funds and ongoing conditions.

Trade and invoice management

End-to-end management of trades, shipping documentation, and invoices.

Document management

Organize and secure all your trade documentation directly on the blockchain. Permission-based access allows you to get user specific information.

Platform features

GDPR compliance

All functionality and 3rd party products adhere to the stringent requirements set out in the GDPR directives

Secure cloud application

The tradeXpad platform is hosted in secure cloud containers of AWS ECS. This implementation allows customers to join and utilise the system without the need to install, manage or scale their own container orchestration software or invest in costly on-site hosting hardware and software.

Security and privacy by design

Designed and built using separation of services to ensure that personal and company security details are separated from the rest of the application data.

Hyperledger blockchain

Incorporated hyperledger fabric blockchain technology to provide additional security, auditability and privacy. This is achieved by securing all transactions, flow of goods and artefacts in the trade finance ecosystem onto a private permissioned channel of the blockchain.

Smart contracts

Facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Each step interacts through chain code and is an integral part of the Hyperlegder fabric blockchain implementation and ensures the end-to-end traceability, immutability and auditability.

Intelligent API’s

tradeXpad has been built using a micro service design to ensure that each component can be expanded to include intelligent API's either to interact with on external application or vica versa.

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